The Native Wines

Schioppettino di Prepotto

We are at Prepotto, homeland of Schioppettino and a natural setting of awesome allure. The noble landscape, garlanded by gently sloping hills and traversed by the river Judrio, the boundary that separates the Collio, the Colli Orientali and Slovenia, coaxes the very best out of this great red grape, infusing it with thrillingly sweet spiciness and an irresistible sensory profile. The elevation is 120 m. a.s.l. ANTICOBROILO has always believed in the potential of Schioppettino. As a result, we have for many years hewed to a course that focuses unswervingly on quality. The varieties we grow are not the usual ones you find almost everywhere. Tradition and the estate’s own genetic material have enabled us to use only the oldest vines in order to select clones with characteristics that are well nigh unique. Low bud loads and judicious bunch thinning are the secret behind our yields of 40 to 50 quintals per hectare. No chemical herbicides are used among the rows. Weeds are eliminated by hand, ensuring that small fauna coexists harmoniously with the vines. The grapes are harvested manually by skilled pickers.

Quality: Prepotto

Tipo: Rosso Secco

Average production: 4000 bottles

Area of Production: Colli Orientali del Friuli - Prepotto – Udine

Grapes: Schioppettino

Exposition: South-East

Training system: Guyot

Density of plantation: 4500 Plants/Ha

Average age of plants in production: 38 years

Yealds per hectare: 40 hl

Picking period: October

Fermentation: Inox

Period of maceration and fermentation: 15-20 days

Extraction techniques: Vary year to year

Malolactic fermentation: Completed

Wood size: 225 litre Allier

Period of ageing in oak: 18 months

Period of ageing in bottle: 6 months

Note: Lo Schioppettino è stato ottenuto da una vinificazione separata da uve provenienti da vecchie viti presenti in azienda e ottenuto dal stretto disciplinare di produzione della sottozzona Prepotto.